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Crafters Love Crafts Newsletter
April 02, 2008

Crafters Love Crafts Newsletter Issue #005

Crafters Love Crafts- E-Zine of The Place For Crafters To Share Their Crafts Issue # 005, April, 2008, Its that time of year again.

Crafters Love Crafts


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Hi Gang, your friendly crafter here!

Can you believe that it is April already? It seems like each year goes by faster and faster. Did you make some Easter crafts? I have been getting ready for some birthdays coming up and making them gifts. There are some new crafts that I would like to investigate.

This months article was written by a guest writer, but first some craft tips.


Here are a few Crafty Tips

  • Large padded emery boards available from beauty supply stores are wonderful for sanding small, tricky areas. Plus, they come in different grains, just like sandpaper.
  • Washed styrofoam egg crates make great paint wells for kids. They rinse clean under warm running water.
  • Use a clay pot saucer to cradle the end of your hot glue gun. All the drippings are caught inside the saucer.
  • If you get some glue (or anything sticky) on your scissors, fingernail polish remover will take care of it.


These days the choices for framing your beautiful cross-stitch artwork are limitless! Here are some ideas below, which work especially well with small or sampler pieces.

Picture albums often have a small opening on the cover, allowing you to place a picture there. Instead of a picture, slip in your cross-stitching masterpiece and pass your photo album around with pride!

Hoop frames are also great to use and come in a variety of shapes (circle, oval, heart, etc). They are easy to decorate by trimming with lace, which adds a personal touch. You can often buy hoop frames with no glass, allowing you to add decorations directly onto the cross-stitched piece. One example would be to take a wedding announcement and glue dried or silk flowers to the aida cloth. Add one hoop frame, trimmed with lace, and you have a treasured piece to remember for all times.

Shadow boxes are a great alternative to traditional picture frames. A shadow box is like a picture frame, but has about one inch of space between the glass and the frame. It allows you to put in that something extra, such as mementos or collectibles. It also helps to enhance your cross-stitch artwork for example, if you have cross-stitched a scene at the beach, put some seashells or small pieces of stone at the bottom of the shadow box. Even non-cross stitchers will admire your work!

Picture frames still make a great framing option. Plus, it has the added benefit of protecting your hard work from the elements in your house, such as dust and pet hair. Umbra has a great selection of frames - both traditional and unique designs. A unique frame can also save you the work of having to put a mat around a piece. Cant find a frame you like? Then buy a plain picture frame and decorate it with scrap booking embellishments. These embellishments can be rubbed on, self adhesive, glued on, etc. Want to save a little money? Then glue beads or other decorations onto the frame.

Small or sample patterns are great to sew directly onto a pillow, napkin, tablecloth or as a Christmas decoration. Another great idea for sample patterns is to use them to make drawstring pouches. The beauty of drawstring pouches is that they can be any size or shape that you need them to be. They make great gifts that are beautiful as well as practical.

To see more information on cross stitching, including free patterns and framing ideas, please visit


If you or someone you know would like to write an article about crafts for this newsletter please Contact me.


Talk to you again soon and remember to just keep on crafting!

Kindest Regards,

Shirley Atkinson

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