A craft addict
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A craft addict

by Carol

My grandson with his racoon puppet that I made

My grandson with his racoon puppet that I made

For as long as I can remember I have been "into" crafts of all kinds.

I remember making crochet dogs for my school friends when I was about 11, and in fact I built up quite a side-line in making and selling them just before Christmas one year! It seemed everyone wanted one!

For a while I kept myself occupied with knitting, as well as crochet, and knitted my fiancé a thick arran sweater to match the one I had made for myself.

Soon after I got married I bought an industrial sewing machine and started making soft toys from fur fabric. My kids soon had no more room for them, so I started selling them at craft fairs. I even had my own fabric labels made to sew into each toy.

I did keep a few and recently gave one of the last, a raccoon puppet, to one of my grandsons.

Sadly I had to give up working with fur fabric when I was diagnosed with asthma.

Since then I have tried dressmaking, fabric painting, quilling, scrapbooking, crochet, fimo modelling, quilting, dollhouse miniatures, drawing, painting and needlework of all kinds especially embroidery. I built up my own business designing cross stitch and blackwork designs, which I sold throughout the UK and abroad via mail order and then the Internet.

Currently my spare time is spent in learning how to draw with both graphite and colored pencils. It is amazing what a humble tool such as a pencil can produce!

I would be lost without crafts of one kind or another to keep me busy in my spare time.

I am pleased to have found your site, and am looking forward to trying new things!

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