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Wine Cork Crafts That You Can Make With All Those Wine Corks You Have Saved

wine corks Wine cork crafts can be made into many different functional and fun projects. Crafts with wine corks are a great craft item for building a very large number of projects.

I have tried to cover a few basic information ideas for creating crafts out of cork.

When you finish up a bottle of wine, you can recycle the glass into many different crafts. But what do you do with the cork?

There are a lot of fun projects you can make with wine corks that are perfect for holiday decorations and gift giving.

Some of the wine cork crafts you can make are a corkboard, wine bottle holders, wreaths, and trivets. Have you ever thought about making Christmas decorations with wine corks?

Have you ever thought about using your wine cork crafts for fishing? A long time ago we needed a fishing bobber and we happen to think about the wine corks.

You will need to drill a hole through the bobber first. Then have a piece of small doweling and let it extend about 1 1/2 " top and bottom of the cork. Make a notch in the doweling to secure the fishing line. You will know when you get a bite because the bobber will work just like a regular bobber that you buy. The thing about the cork bobber is that it is just about free. I also like to hang one on my fishing vest to stick the flies into. This way I don’t have to carry my fly case.

Crafts With Wine Corks

Put some wine corks in your drawers in the kitchen and bathroom. They are great for putting pins, safety pins, thumbtacks and anything that is sharp.

Slice the corks into ¼ “ or ½” pieces and glue them on the bottom of your flowerpots to raise them off the surfaces. This will save your floors, from getting scratched, inside and outside.

Don’t forget your garden. Cut them into halves, put them in the food processor or other grinder and use them to add to the soil as a mulch. They don't cost anything and they retain the moisture in the flowerbeds and they don't glob together.

They are great for your sharp knives. Glue the corks together in a vertical line and then slice one side of the corks for your knives to rest in.

Mary sent me this suggestion: If you have the high carbon knives, then you really need a cork to clean them. This style of knives (as opposed to stainless steel) holds a wonderful edge, but have the bad habit of discoloring easily. The best (and safest) way to clean them is with a cork and Comet cleanser. Simply dampen the knife blade and sprinkle with Comet. Then use the cork to scrub the blade clean.

I cut small shapes out of them for stamping. They work wonderful with paints and you can make all kinds of designs. You can make stars, half moons and even the alphabet.

This is an old idea but a very good one. Cut your corks in half lengthwise and glue them on birdhouses. You can paint or stain them any color you want. I have seen people slice them about ¼” and use them that way. They really look nice on the birdhouses.

Cork Crafts

Check out the ideas below. You will find many different wine cork crafts, and ideas. You may get an idea for something that you want to try.

Have fun looking around and come back often because I will be adding a lot more ideas.

Wine Cork Corkboard
Learn how to make a wine cork corkboard with all those wine corks you have around the house.

Wine Cork Trivets
Make wine cork trivets with your old wine corks.

Wine Cork Wreath.
Make a beautiful wine cork wreath that will brighten up any room.

Wine Glass Charms.
Make wine glass charms for all your company.

Wine Cork Man
Make a wine cork man with just wine corks and colored wire.

Wine Cork Angels
Check out these wine cork angels that Susannah has sent us.

Craft Ideas

I'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions or arts and craft tips that you would like to share please contact me and I will share them with everyone else.

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