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Holiday Crafts: Never Fail to Shine

Holiday crafts are so much fun to make. For one, there’s usually extra time thanks to vacations, and two, there’s always a built-in theme to inspire: the holiday itself.

One of the most difficult parts of any creative project is coming up with an idea. With these crafts though, most ideas are ready-made. Let’s take a closer look now at some major holidays, each one offering definitive themes that can easily lead to fun craft projects. Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, Halloween, and Christmas all offer a different painter’s palette, plus meaningful symbol(s) to explore.

For Valentine’s Day, love rules and with its group of crafts, you’ll find many ideas revolve around hearts, sweets, and the colors red, pink, and white. From custom Valentine’s to potpourri-filled sachets, this holiday is about aromas, beauty, and emotions.

Moving onto the Fourth of July, consider creating Stars and Stripes invitations, Independence Day pins, or paper flags to decorate the windows. Fireworks are also associated with the Fourth and a bit of illumination, such as sparklers, candles, or mini light-strings, can help add pop to any decor. As for colors, the hues most often associated with the Fourth are red, white, and blue, though silver is also used for sparkle and contrast.

For Halloween, this is a great holiday for kids. Perhaps the most fun! Holiday crafts range from baking to costume-making, Jack-o-Lanterns to window clings. Dominated by orange and black, Halloween has become far more commercial in recent years, but there’s no reason to abandon real crafts if that’s what you wish. In fact, a holiday like Halloween is the ideal time to revisit and/or brainstorm ideas together. Popular symbols at this time of year include black cats, friendly witches, and ghosts.

And finally, there’s Christmas.It’s a time when everyone’s on vacation, yet there seems to be so many things to do. A way to slow it down and maintain the fun is to try your hand at some holiday crafts, the kind the entire family can contribute to. Like Halloween, Christmas is the holiday for kids and they’ll be more willing to create if you can come up with the right project.

Colors of the season are varied, but are dominated by green, red, white, and gold. Blue and silver are also common however. As for symbols, there’s of course the Christmas tree, angels, Santa, and the perfectly-wrapped present. Create angels out of felt, ribbon, and lace; decorate ready-made stockings with puff paint and glitter; bake ornaments – the list goes on.

The great thing about holiday crafts is that they can typically be fashioned out of very basic materials. Arts and crafts stores usually reflect the season and major holidays as well, so when shopping for supplies, it’s really a snap.

One thing to remember is that you should always come up with a materials list before heading to the store. Much like it’s advised that one not shop for food when hungry, the same holds true for shopping for craft projects. There are way too many neat things out there to not be tempted to want it all!


Halloween Craft Ideas With halloween craft ideas your kids can take your old recycled dryer vent hose to make a pumpkin.

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