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Wine Cork Trivets Are So Easy To Make And Look So Nice

Wine cork trivets have been around for many years. They are a great way to use up those extra wine corks you have lying around the house.

wine cork trivit

It doesn’t take very many corks, and the trivets are both functional and lovely. You can make them the same way you make a wine cork corkboard.

Wine corks can be placed in a simple picture frame with a wood backing. Glue the corks in rows or a pattern and it also makes a great hot plate or serving tray.

Another way is to make a simple wooden frame and add a thin backing. You can also buy frames like this at craft stores. You can also check your local thrift store and don't forget garage sales. I have found many great things to use for crafts at garage sales. I have even found wine corks at some sales.

Wine Cork Patterns

Just glue the corks in place. I like a checkerboard pattern but you can use any kind of design that you like. I have seen people make them in many different patterns.

I have seen some very unusual patterns. For example, one I seen was with the corks all going the same direction but in the middle they had made a cross with the corks going the other way. It was very unique and looked great.

After it has dried, turn it over and put small felt dots on the four corners of the wine cork trivet. This helps protect your table against scratches.

These trivets make great gifts for someone who loves wine. You can also make them for yourself and every time you look at it you can remember the great times you had drinking the wine.

I have seen wine cork trivets sold in mail order catalogs for lots of money!!

Craft Ideas

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