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Rubber Stamping Ideas That Will Turn Your Scrapbook Into A Work Of Art

Rubber stamping is a great addition to scrapbook pages because it allows anyone to be an instant artist simply by applying an image to paper.

Rubber stamps are a very good investment because they can be used over and over. If you take care of them they will last a very long time.

Stamps come in many styles. You can get woodcut styles from brush-stroke to graphic line-art. Using simple stamping techniques you can add beautiful images to your greeting cards, scrapbook and other paper crafts.

Start with a few stamps that will multitask for you. Just remember that rubber stamping shows you own personality so be creative.

Alphabet or Favorite Phrase stamps With a plain alphabet stamp set you can spell out virtually anything. You will also be able to add versatility with being able to align the letters in any way. Try a spiral message or curved across the top of your page. You can also border an image with a message.

Your most frequently used stamps will probably be the phrases "thank you", "thinking of you" and "Happy Birthday".

rubber stamps Floral stamps. Flowers and leaves may be used in all seasons depending on the design you select. Just change the color and arrangement and you can have a design for any season.

You favorite theme. If you are going to use a lot of heart images in your projects, get heart stamps first. Getting sets of themed stamps will help keep the style consistent. If you end up with stamps from sets you won't ever use, you can always find someone to swap with you. Always keep an eye out for stamps that may work in many projects. If you like to make your pages more country, they have some really nice stamps for this theme.

Background stamps. Solid background stamps, which come in either plain or shadow stamps, in basic medium to large geometric shapes would be great, no matter what your artistic preference. These stamps make excellent background papers or backgrounds for stamps. When you have coordinated sets of stamp images, like leaves, stamping them all with each on its own background stamp you will get a 3D effect.

Make your own stamps. Design your own stamps! Cut out soft rubber shapes, peel and stick them on woodblocks. All you have to do then is color them with watercolor marker or inkpad, and stamp.

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