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Learn How To Sell Your Jewelry!

jewelry set Sell your jewelry in your own hometown or even on the internet. It is very simple to sell your jewelry without spending a lot of money. If you really want to get into the jewelry business then give some of these simple techniques a try.

A. One of the simplest techniques is to wear your jewelry everywhere you go. When someone compliments your design, be prepared to give him or her information about it. I have had a lot of people ask me where I got my bracelet and then I can tell them that I make them. This can open a lot of doors for you.

B. Always carry your business cards. You can hand them out to your hairdresser, grocery clerk and anyone else you come in contact with. There are bulletin boards in a lot of places and this is a great place to put them. Some restaurants even have a bowl for business cards and you could leave them with your tip.

C. There are many charity auctions that you could donate a piece of jewelry. Even schools have silent auctions that you could give to and you are helping a good cause at the same time. This also helps get your name out there in front of people.

D. Have your friends host a jewelry party were you can sell your jewelry. This is a great way to start the ball rolling because everyone wears at least earrings. Your first party could start a whole new business because everyone knows some one and if you offer a nice piece as a hostess gift people are willing to have a party for you.

E. Join your local Chamber of Commerce. If you are really serious about your business this is a good place to start. You local chamber can provide you with so many opportunities for networking. This is one group you definitely want to be a part of if you're serious about marketing your jewelry designs.

F. Check out your local gift shops, flowers shops and boutiques. Just start you imagination going and you can come up with a lot of different places where you could put your jewelry. Check with your hair salons because a lot of women go to them. Even men frequent them and they are always looking for something to give to their loved one. Another great place is the hospital gift shops. There is possibly a lot of small business that would be interested in selling your jewelry.

G. Local newspapers and little city papers would print a press release about your business. This could bring in a lot of business. If you can?t write your own press release find someone who is a writer even if you have to pay them. It needs to be professional.

Once you get into the swing of it, it is pretty easy to sell your jewelry and come up with a lot of different ways to sell them.

If you have any questions or different ways to sell your jewelry please contact me and I will add it to my site.

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