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It Is So Easy To Make Your Own Stepping Stones

Stepping stones can be made in any shape that you would like. They are not hard to make but they are messy. It is very easy to personalize them and you can use just about anything to decorate them.

Premixed concrete works fine for this. I usually always buy a bag of just cement and add a little bit to my mix. It makes it a little bit stronger and it is cheap because you don’t use very much. Mortar mix is the best, but it is expensive.

You first need to decide what shape you want your stones. You can buy molds or make your own. Wilton cake pans, clear plastic plant trays, an old spring form pan work great. You can also make any shape using cardboard. Cut out your shape and hot glue it together.

It is best if you use some metal wire for strength. I use the metal screen wire but you can use chicken wire. Cut the wire to fit the mold. If you would like to color your mix you can get colors to add to your mix Pour the mold half full with your concrete mix and then put the wire on it. Finish filling up the mold with the concrete. Pat the top of the concrete so that you have a smooth top. Remove air bubbles by gently tapping around the outside of the mold.

When your cement has set for about 30 to 60 minutes now is the time to add your decoration. You can use broken ceramic pieces and old dishes (the thrift store is a great place to find old colorful dishes for mosaics). You can get tiles and bits in many hobby and craft stores to make mosaics, but old dishes will work fine for stepping stones. Marbles and colorful agates look especially nice in the stones.

Set them aside and allow to sit for 2- 3 days to completely set.

Don’t forget the kids. Grandmas like the stepping stones with their grandkids handprints and their name in them. What a great gift for the kids to help make to give to their grandparents. I have seen some that the mothers have made small stones and put their child’s handprint in each year. It is nice to see how the prints get bigger ever year.

You can also dig a stepping stone shaped hole in the ground where you want the stone. Pour the cement directly in the hole. Be sure and make it deep enough so that it won’t crack. Use the wire screen in this also to give it more strength. I have seen somewhere they did this and then had a very big leaf and laid it on the wet cement and pressed it in a little bit. When you remove the leaf you a nice leaf pattern.

Just take your time and your creativity will show through your own designs. Have fun making your own stepping stones!!

If you have found a unique way to use cement or have any tips and want to share it please contact me and I will add it here. Also, if you have any questions I will try and answer them or find someone who can.

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